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Joelle Anderson from Canada: “Digital Therapy helps us to create an ideal world where therapy is no longer needed”

With Moovd international we speak with international institutions and therapists who share our dream of a world where nobody has to suffer. This month we spoke with Joelle Anderson, founder of Kernel of Wisdom (2014) who saw an opportunity to help clients more swiftly and more effectively. “It is the human duty to end people's suffering as swiftly and “easy” as possible. Digital EMDR is a great tool to achieve this”.

Getting rid of peoples trauma in less sessions can shorten the waiting list, to ideally have nobody waiting for professional help. “Helping clients get rid of their trauma in less sessions is the biggest time saving potential out there”. With scientific proof that Digital EMDR helps clients work through their trauma quicker, she is confident the tool will help therapists and institutions worldwide in doing so. “Digital EMDR is like ripping the bandaid off, it is painful but helps clients move through their trauma more swiftly”.

Digital EMDR achieves these results because it ensures that clients are at an optimal working memory load at all times. “Because the programme is naturally adapting to the client you can ensure that he is always engaged at an optimal level, regardless of how the client feels that day. This eliminates the guessing game and makes it easier for me as a therapist”.

Joelle believes that the more digital resources we have, the more people we can reach. “There are a lot of urban areas where good help is hard to find. By having the best digital therapy options we can make qualitative mental therapy more accessible for more people”. Therefore, she sees digital therapy as the future of trauma treatment. “With more digital resources available, we can ensure that we always provide the best care for our clients”. She encourages other therapists and institutions to not let fear of digital solutions get in the way of helping people in the best way possible. “Fear of technology should be worked on with training, guidance and good implementation, just like any other fear. In the end these efforts are worth it to provide the best care possible for the client”.

In all this she resonates with her dream of an ideal where she will no longer be necessary as a therapist. We welcome Joelle to the Movement to strive to our common goal to prevent unnecessary suffering.

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