digital therapies

Moovd develops and unlocks digital therapies in various segments of healthcare. Through innovative and creative application of technology, we help patients, therapists and health insurers move forward.

Everyone should have low-threshold access to high-quality mental health care. With this in mind, Moovd has quickly become a leader in innovative solutions that improve mental health. These solutions explicitly contribute to solving the capacity problems in mental health care and enable therapists to help a larger group of patients better and faster.

In collaboration with experts
For the development and release of these therapies, Moovd works closely with experts such as Prof. Dr. Ad de Jongh and Dr. Suzy Matthijssen. These professionals have committed themselves to Moovd by serving on the Advisory Board.

Methods that increase the impact of therapy

  • Developed in collaboration with experts
  • Validated and rich content library
  • Very user-friendly application
  • More effective and efficient treatment
  • Clients experience more well-being and faster results

Effective treatment methods

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

With Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, all exposure exercises available in the outside world can be offered in the therapy room. With manageable levels of difficulty, under the guidance of the therapist.

Digital EMDR

The Digital EMDR platform provides evidence-based clinical assistance in applying EMDR. With digital support, working memory is loaded with specific stimulation more effectively and accurately.

Our moovers
and experts

  • Chief Psychology Officer

    Tjeu Theunissen

    Founder of SilVRmind, the Online EMDR tool of Moovd. Also working as a psychologist in training to become a GZ-psychologist.

  • UX-designer

    Yorinde Zomer

    UX-designer Yorinde creates the most user-friendly digital therapies, so therapists and clients can use them super easy.

  • Co-founder / CCO

    Menno Kamphuis

    Is a real driver in the innovation of mental health care, with his passion for Moovd applications he brings colleagues and practitioners forward.

  • Marketing & Communication

    Karen Krukkert

    Builds the Moovd brand by presenting, branding and promoting Moovd and her solutions to specialists in the health care industry.

  • Chief Technology Officer

    Ties Theunissen

    As CTO of Moovd, Ties oversees the technical development and operation of all apps and websites.

  • Content creator

    Danny Schoenmaker

    The mastermind behind all the videos and VR content is Danny, who has been a content creator at Moovd since the very first beginning.

  • Founder / CEO

    Sander Kamphuis

    Founder and most of all the driving force behind Moovd, inspires everyone with his ambition to innovate the mental healthcare sector.

  • Sales & support

    Miloe Jakobs

    She believes that sales is about creating valuable relationships for now and in the future. With her drive, Miloe creates the ultimate brand experience.

  • Content Creator

    Willemijn Haverkate

    With her creativity in animation and 2D and 3D video, she is a real asset to the content team.

  • Graduate Creative Business

    Koen Vastert

    Graduates in the development and creation of media products and services.

  • Vacancies

    Want to be part of our team?

    Do you think it would be cool to be here? Have a look at our vacancies on the Working at Moovd page!