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"I couldn't believe my eyes, within 1 minute 46 my client got rid of her trauma.''
Lucy WiseClinical Psychologist
“My clients view it as less overwhelming and distressing and helps them more effectively get rid of their trauma.”
Vicki JohnsonClinical & Forensic Psychologist
"It cuts the treatment time in half and makes me extremely efficient as a therapist."
Leanne Perrin Mental Health Therapist
“Where it used to take me 1 year to complete a treatment process, I now do this in 3-4 months with WeMind!”
Urszula BreedijkHealthcare Manager
“Unbelievable, I helped a veteran get rid of her complaints within 1 sessions, while without WeMind we did not make progress in 2 years"
Tim WindPsyflix
“It's going like crazy, it only takes me half the time it used to”
Dory TouwClinical Psychologist
“My client could no longer sleep well due to her traumas. Because I used WeMind, this woman got her life back.”
Kinga de WitPsychologist
“With WeMind we can easily adjust the severity of the treatment, which results in faster results than traditional treatments.”
Carlos CroesHealthcare Manager
''The results confirm the added value of digital technologies in trauma treatment.''
Him VishnudattBoard Chairman CaleidoZorg
''If more therapists would use WeMind, we could help a lot more clients and reduce the waiting list.''
Ragna PlompClinical Psychologist
''The treatment works better, the treatment duration is shorter and we treat more clients.''
René WubsManager Digital Transformation
''With WeMind you can make very big steps in confronting anxiety in a short time.''
Koen HaringsPyschologist
''Clients can take steps in treatment that we think would not have succeeded without WeMind Exposure.''
Yonda PoslavskyPsychologist
''Where I used to need 5 sessions, I can now do it in 2-3 sessions. This is due to the rapid SUD decrease.''
Carine GodriCaring Psychology
''The EMDR sessions get better because you can put down the working memory load much more precisely.''
Mirjam MoenandarPsychologist
''With anxiety complaints, I was stuck in the consulting room. With Exposure, a client can still come to the consulting room and practice live.''
Lisanne van HagenPsychologist