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‘Every session before this was never successful..’ But with We mind we succeeded!

Eileen Peterson has been working with We Mind since last year and has achieved results she did not achieve before. 

‘I had tried to engage her with EMDR, probably multiple times. She never grasped the target, which was very frustrating for both of us. As soon as I showed her We Mind, she would get very excited. We managed to streamline the sessions, which was impossible before.’

Through the combination of AI, data, and algorithms, We Mind helps her to maximize her sessions, along with the technique. This combination not only helps her to finish her session more quickly but also she experiences that the effects of the session increase.

Clients find the software fantastic. Where they were sometimes skeptical about EMDR before, clients no longer want anything else since using We Mind. We Mind customizes the intensity of the sessions for the client, ensuring that people can be helped with their problem as quickly as possible.”

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