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Digital trauma treatment from Moovd becomes the standard of treatment discipline in American EMDR training

From now on, the largest American EMDR training provider, EMDR consulting by Roy Kiessling, will use Moovd digital trauma treatment to train all therapists trained in EMDR-based trauma treatment. The Moovd platform will become the standard in the United States for treating patients with stress, anxiety and trauma symptoms.

With his company EMDR Consulting, Roy Kiessling trains 5,000 therapists every year to become EMDR therapists. Within Roy Kiessling’s network, more than 2500 practices are now connected and certified to provide EMDR therapy. This makes Moovd’s EMDR the new standard of treatment method for trauma and anxiety in the United States.

The simple way in which the working memory load can be put under extra strain is an important reason for Roy Kiessling to work with Moovd EMDR. The algorithm in the tool automatically adjusts the working memory load based on the performance of a client. Which leads to an increase in working memory load of up to 196%.

In addition to the fact that the working memory load can be extra burdened, Roy Kiessling finds Moovd EMDR a nice method to work with because clients can be treated remotely. America is a large country where many people cannot get the mental health care they need. If they can receive care at all, the quality of care is often a lot less than in European countries. The digital tool enables people across America to get the quality care they deserve and enables therapists to help more people effectively.

Moovd EMDR

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