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“Clients are now able to move through targets they’ve not been able to before”

A common problem within American EMDR therapist Angela Dixon's practice was that her clients were very afraid of a flashback of trauma. As a result, tension rose very quickly during sessions with the lightbar, making clients too nervous and forcing them to stop.

“Any time they would begin to feel their SUD level increase, they would become really nervous if we were doing the light bar and they would use their stop sign to stop or discontinue processing.”

Recently Angela started working with WeMind. In her first session with WeMind she immediately noticed that her client was no longer nervous. At first she thought this was a coincidence, but after a week of experimenting with more clients, she found that WeMind makes all her clients’ tension drop faster.

“WeMind fixed the issue for me on the very first session I used it. And so I became encouraged, I thought maybe it’s just this particular client or this particular target. And so I invited my clients to use it as an experiment that week, and that was all of my clients.”

After this result, Angela gave her clients two options. Continue with the current way of treating via the lightbar or treat with WeMind. All her clients expressed wanting to use WeMind to process their trauma. That is why she encourages other therapists to try it, even if it is a bit uncomfortable at first.

“Any bit of discomfort for you as the clinician in having to learn yet another platform is well worth it. I look forward to my EMDR sessions!”

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