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“With WeMind I could finally help my client get rid of childhood trauma”

With traditional therapy, Shery McKisson could not get her client to stay partly in the room and partly in the memory. With WeMind this changed and he could focus on the task and struggled not to stay in the memory.

Sherry used WeMind with some clients, but one in particular she was having a lot of struggles with:

“It was about a 50 year old gentleman and he was having a lot of struggles staying part in the room and part in the memory”

She used Eye Movements or Neuro Attacks, but nothing seemed to work.

“It was kind of a strubble for me to keep him in that balance and we weren’t getting a lot of progress.”

But that changed when she introduced the WeMind app. The client being a gamer made it even more exciting for the client to try. After explaining how it worked he got started and it immediately paid off.

“He was just seeing the ball cylinder, ball cylinder and he was kinda stuck in that, struggling to stay in the memory. Which is exactly the point.”

Finally, he showed emotions he had not shown before, tears that Sherry hadn’t seen, and a lot of memories of childhood trauma. 

“We made a lot of progress, so we follow up with another session and he even made more progress. It worked really well and I was really excited about that”


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