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“With WeMind clients only need 20 to 25 minutes to process trauma completely, versus 60 or 90 minutes with traditional methods”

Q has been working with WeMind since August 2023 and has been achieving groundbreaking results since then. Q: " Since using WeMind I achieve much more results with my clients than before. WeMind is a gamechanger for me"!

Clients of Q with ADHD had great difficulty processing trauma. They expressed that they needed more time to process their trauma during sessions. Since using WeMind, she has noticed that they process trauma much faster. “They gain confidence to move forward in the process and then also discover that there is more going on than this specific trauma.”

Her clients were so afraid of experiencing strong emotions that they were afraid to move forward in their treatment. Through WeMind, the strong feelings are held back just enough so that they dare to look at their trauma more. Therefore, her clients experience more “AHA moments,” where they recognize where their symptoms are coming from and what problems are occurring unconsciously. “WeMind helps my clients experience more “AHA” moments and directs them to exactly where their trauma is.”

As a result, she found that her clients were struggling with many more insecurities and issues that could also be treated directly. For Q and her treatments to apply any treatment is a “game changer.”

Watch her story in the video below:

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