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WeMind enables me to complete a target in half the traditional time

Eileen Peterson, a Registered Clinical Social Worker from Canada, has been working with WeMind for 1,5 years. Before WeMind she treated targets from SUD’s 8-10 in around 15 minutes. Now it only takes her 8-9 minutes.

At first she was skeptical, but after checking in with her clients knew how rapid the targets disappeared: “After the first few sessions I though, it can’t have been that fast, but sure enough, checking the targets were still down of have gone up a little bit and we could take care of it quickly.”

A problem before WeMind during EMDR sessions for Eileen was manually performing tasks with the flashlight of her cellphone. Now, with WeMind, she starts sessions in 15 seconds with a rapid reduction in targets. “WeMind made the process so smooth, after the first orientation we could skip that which made it al go so rapid.”

Watch the video below for her full story:

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