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Welcome to the Movement: Vicki Johnson

Vicki: “If we had an increase in psychologists using WeMind and recognizing that it's evidence based, I think we would get a reduction in the wait lists.”

Vicki Johnson, clinical and forensic psychologist in Australia, has been using the standard EMDR method since 2006 where her clients experienced a lot of emotional pain throughout the session to get rid of their trauma. This process was experienced as very stressful for both the clients and by Vicki.

Since 2022 Vicki is using WeMind. With the WeMind platform Vicki is able to modify the working memory taxation tasks more easily. As a result, she achieves better results during her session.

Vicki has achieved that her clients now get rid of their trauma within two weeks since using WeMind, where previously they needed months. In addition, clients experience virtually no emotional pain during sessions with WeMind compared to the intense emotional pain experienced throughout the session with standard EMDR.

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