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WeMind is extremely efficient, it cut my treatment time in half with clients

Leanne Perrin, a Canadian Mental Health Therapist, has been working with Moovd's platform since January 2023.

She is always looking for ways to get more effective and efficient in providing the best care for her clients.

Her best experience with WeMind thus far was her helping a student in his exam year that was crippled by a healthcare incident. The parents came to her and agreed to an intensive session with WeMind. The scholar started right away and could feel the tension dropping, resulting in some phenomenal feedback. His parents told her he wakes up more happy with a brighter outlook on life, after struggling with this problem for four years. Suffering from anxiety, sleeping issues, and just social anxiety and even being hospitalized. His traumatic experience created a barrier to accessing healthcare. His whole system was traumatized.

Now he is a completely different young man with a new outlook on life!

With WeMind she cut treatment time in half and noticed her clients felt how effective the platform was. “Even if people don’t completely understand what the platform is supposed to be doing. They start to feel it very quickly in their body that they feel better and that is all they want”

Watch the video and learn about the successes Leanne had with using WeMind.

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