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“My client was hesitant to process a disturbing event, but with WeMind he dove right into it”

Regina Morrow Robinson, an experienced EMDR therapist and trainer from the United States, has achieved success with a 30-year-old gaming male client using the WeMind platform.

Having worked with the client without substantial progress, Robinson faced the challenge of addressing a recent disturbing event that had left the individual unable to process the trauma conventionally. The client’s apprehension towards traditional EMDR techniques prompted Robinson to propose an alternative approach—WeMind.


WeMind proved to be a game-changer. In the session, the client, who had been hesitant to discuss the traumatic experience, demonstrated an unexpected openness. Contrary to previous attempts, where processing the trauma proved difficult, the client engaged in candid dialogue, leading to the resolution of his complaints.


Robinson expressed her satisfaction with the outcome, emphasizing the client’s initial reluctance to even attempt traditional EMDR. “My client opened up to EMDR and after re-evaluating there were no residual issues” she affirmed, underscoring the pivotal role WeMind played in achieving a breakthrough.


This success story with WeMind highlights its potential to address therapeutic challenges that may arise when traditional methods prove daunting for clients. The platform’s adaptive and immediate approach to trauma processing enabled the client to confront and overcome the distressing incident, marking a significant departure from previous struggles.

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