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About WeMind EMDR:

Break Through Results

  • Optimize Results with WeMind’s Automated Dual Attention Stimulation (DAS) and BLS
  • WeMind Supports Dissociative Client and Manages Hyperarousal
  • WeMind will Quickly and Effectively Reduces SUD
  • Benefit from WeMind’s AI for Dissociative Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, and Depersonalization
  • Make WeMind Personal by Uploading Your Own Backgrounds and content

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Why miss out on the opportunity to work with a platform that delivers value to you? A platform that consistently produces impressive results and creates value for both the therapist and their clients. And, most importantly, clients will notice the benefits as well. Be part of the growing impact WeMind has worldwide and share in the growth!
WeMind WeMind helps you improve your EMDR treatment session outcomes. It's user-friendly (for both you and your client) and has a built-in artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that constantly adjusts the DAS in order to keep the client within their optimal processing "sweet spot" for safe, efficient, and effective processing.
100% free to use for you as a consultant Automated interactive Distracting Attention Stimulation 49% faster SUD decrease than standard BLS methods Interactive telehealth on all devices, remote and in the office capabilities Most researched and evidence based platform on the market
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What our users say about us:

DR. naomi johnson Veterans Affairs
"It is impossible for me to do, what the WeMind app does for us. It was immediately and effectively noticeable at a level I wasn't even sure we could achieve clinically."
"The user-friendly interface and its advanced AI algorithm will significantly enhance treatment sessions of every therapist."
"The platform's ability to make constant DAS adjustments ensures that clients remain in their optimal processing 'sweet spot,' which improves treatment effectiveness and efficiency"