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“Before using WeMind it took 2-3 sessions to treat 1 target, now we can clear multiple targets per session”

Cynthia Hernandez, a licensed clinical social worker, has worked with WeMind for five months. Since incorporating WeMind into her practice, she has witnessed a remarkable transformation in her clients' progress. “Before utilizing WeMind, it would typically take 2-3 sessions to address just one target. Now, I consistently clear multiple targets in a single session.”

WeMind has become a game changer for her clients: ‘They are not in that hyper-arousal state as much, and their symptoms drop much faster, motivating them to keep working on their trauma’

Cynthia now achieves the significant milestone of clearing at least one target in every session, sometimes even surpassing that by efficiently addressing multiple targets. This marks a substantial improvement from the previous norm of requiring 2-3 sessions for just one target.

The accelerated reduction in Subjective Units of Distress (SUD) can be attributed, in part, to an enhancement in clients’ concentration. As Cynthia highlights, ‘Clients stay in their window of tolerance,’ contributing to faster symptom relief.

Importantly, the integration of WeMind has not only streamlined the therapeutic process but also reduced the energy demands on Cynthia as a therapist. The program automatically taxes the working memory, allowing her to ‘focus a lot more on the client’ with significantly less effort.

Cynthia emphasizes that the benefits extend to her clients as well, as ‘their symptoms drop much faster and more efficiently.’

Watch the videos to see her interview:

Cynthia on how clients experience WeMind

Cynthia on her results before and after WeMind:

Cynthia on what WeMind does for her energy and how that helps clients:

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