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WeMind WeMind helps you improve your EMDR treatment session outcomes. It's user-friendly (for both you and your client) and has a built-in artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that constantly adjusts the DAS in order to keep the client within their optimal processing "sweet spot" for safe, efficient, and effective processing.
Flexible monthly or yearly price plan Automated interactive Distracting Attention Stimulation 49% faster SUD decrease than standard BLS methods Interactive telehealth on all devices, remote and in the office capabilities Developed in collaboration with experts worldwide
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What our users say about us:

“I couldn’t believe my eyes! The SUD dropped from 7.9 to 0 in less than 2 minutes of treatment!”
“My clients view it less overwhelming and distressing and helps them more effectively get rid of trauma”
“It cuts the treatment time in half and makes me extremely efficient as a therapist!”
  • All-in-one solution for every EMDR therapist - Full controlled BLS for standard EMDR
  • Automated Interactive Bilateral Stimulation (BLS) with AI and algorithms
  • HIPAA compliant, safe and simple
  • Simple to use, login and start right away, no download needed
  • Additional EMDR 2.0 principles with AI optimizing working memory taxation
  • Proven 49% faster SUD decrease
  • Telehealth with internal videochat and face 2 face compatibilities