moving therapy forward

Internship marketing

Do you feel the intrinsic motivation to make healthcare better and more accessible to all? And do you want to contribute to reducing capacity problems in healthcare? Do you want a cool internship where you get to do a lot and learn a huge amount?

Chances are then this cool job as a marketing intern at Moovd is going to energize you tremendously! Our mission is to make healthcare accessible to all people. In doing so, we contribute to a higher goal: giving everyone a fair shot at the care they need. Also in countries where little to no quality mental health care (hereafter, mental health care) is now available. Together with our passionate team of innovators, you will be at the helm of Moovd. You set the course and can contribute to something that really matters. If you want to make the difference in healthcare, read on.

All of our team members are an important link in the bigger picture and are making a big impact. Can your talent contribute to innovations that move healthcare forward? Do you excel with your ideas and energy, but most importantly, do you share our common goal? Then you might be the one to continue building at the highest level.

What will be your (key!) role?
As a marketing intern, you will have an important role, both within Moovd and in the world of mental health care, that much is clear to you by now. What belongs to your responsibilities:

  • Realizing the marketing plan.
  • Elaborate, plan, prepare and execute online (and offline) marketing and communications work.
  • You will work with the marketing team to ensure that Moovd comes out strong. Through clever use of (trade) magazines, events, advertisements you make sure Moovd is known nationwide.
  • To pitch, brand and promote (online) our services to healthcare specialists.
  • Execution of a variety of online marketing campaigns. Analyze, monitor and report on Google analytics data.
  • You are responsible for a piece of (digital) content creation. Properly highlighting references through video content is something you will be working on.
  • In a creative team, you will work together to find unique new ways to get exposure online.
  • You get hot with copywriting and can express Moovd’s message well in texts.
  • You think tactically in terms of online and offline communication and implement operational actions. You will keep multiple websites, social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) up to date and engage with new content.

What’s in it for you?
Moovd offers you the opportunity to get yourself ready for the real thing. Under strong guidance from strategic and tactical marketers, we will teach you the latest tricks of the trade, grow you in your role as a marketer and allow you to excel.