Working at Moovd

At Moovd, we are proud to contribute to solving large and complex problems in healthcare. We do this by combining fresh ideas and profound knowledge of healthcare with innovative techniques. It is a meaningful task that we take very seriously. With our team, we have developed many successful digital therapies in a short period of time. Such as Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy and digital EMDR, with which we enable therapists to help a larger group of clients better and faster.

All our team members are an important link in the bigger picture and make a big impact. Can your talent contribute to innovations that move healthcare forward? Do you excel with your ideas and energy, but most of all: do you share our big goal? Then perhaps you are the one who will continue to build at the highest level.

The vacancies are in Dutch, but that does not mean you can’t apply if you don’t speak Dutch. Just click on one of the vacancies or mail your question or application to!