WeMind Platform (Referral)

WeMind Platform (Referral)
moving therapy forward

Maximize your EMDR sessions with evidence based algorithms

    Elevate your sessions with WeMind AI and experience groundbreaking results.

WeMind uses patent pending algorithms

Trusted by 9000+ EMDR therapists
in 20+ countries
Fully HIPAA compliant
What EMDR Trainers say about WeMind

"Advanced AI Algorithm"

The advanced AI algorithm and user-friendly interface will significantly enhance treatment sessions of every therapist.

Roy Kiessling Founder EMDR Consulting

"Effective with quick results"

The program's ability to adapt according to the needs of the client improves results quickly and creates a suitable environment for healing.

Kelly Smyth-Dent LCSW - EMDRIA Trainer and Approved Consultant, CEO of Scaling Up

"This platform is absolutely amazing."

Not only can we continue to honor the 8-Phase, 3-Pronged, AIP Informed Standard model but the modifications assist with keeping our clients in their optimal zone of arousal.

Paula Merucci EMDR Consulting & EMDRIA Approved Trainer
European and US patent pending

Boost Your Sessions with WeMind - Proven, fast and effective from the first session.

Trusted in over 300,000 Sessions Globally - Let WeMind help you effortlessly achieve your dream outcomes.

Clients will notice the remarkable, efficient outcomes facilitated by WeMind, specializing in optimal Dual Attention Stimulation and Memory Enhancement. More happy clients, with better results.

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WeMind through the eyes of therapists:

“The user-friendly interface and its advanced AI algorithm will significantly enhance treatment sessions of every therapist.”

Roy Kiessling Founder EMDR Consulting

“WeMind's game-based therapy helped a first responder with 20+ years of trauma process memories in 15-20 minutes, offering a new, hopeful approach beyond traditional EMDR.”

Kate Moberly EMDR Supervisor

“The platform’s ability to make constant DAS adjustments ensures that clients remain in their optimal processing ‘sweet spot,’ which improves treatment effectiveness and efficiency”

Mark Nickerson Director EMDR Advance Training and Distance Learning

“I couldn’t believe my eyes, within 1 minute 46 my client got rid of her trauma.”

Lucy Wise Clinical Psychologist

“My clients view it as less overwhelming and distressing and helps them more effectively get rid of their trauma.”

Vicki Johnson Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

“It cuts the treatment time in half and makes me extremely efficient as a therapist.”

Leanne Perrin Mental Health Therapist

“Where it used to take me 1 year to complete a treatment process, I now do this in 3-4 months with WeMind!”

Urszula Breedijk Healthcare Manager

“Unbelievable, I helped a veteran get rid of her complaints within 1 sessions, while without WeMind we did not make progress in 2 years”

Tim Wind Centrum 45 / Psyflix

“It’s going like crazy, it only takes me half the time it used to”

Dory Touw Clinical Psychologist

“My client could no longer sleep well due to her traumas. Because I used WeMind, this woman got her life back.”

Kinga de Wit Psychologist

“With WeMind we can easily adjust the severity of the treatment, which results in faster results than traditional treatments.”

Carlos Croes Healthcare Manager

”The results confirm the added value of digital technologies in trauma treatment.”

Him Vishnudatt Board Chairman CaleidoZorg

”If more therapists would use WeMind, we could help a lot more clients and reduce the waiting list.”

Ragna Plomp Clinical Psychologist

”The treatment works better, the treatment duration is shorter and we treat more clients.”

René Wubs Manager Digital Transformation

”With WeMind you can make very big steps in confronting anxiety in a short time.”

Koen Harings Pyschologist

”Clients can take steps in treatment that we think would not have succeeded without WeMind Exposure.”

Yonda Poslavsky Psychologist

”Where I used to need 5 sessions, I can now do it in 2-3 sessions. This is due to the rapid SUD decrease.”

Carine Godri Caring Psychology

”The EMDR sessions get better because you can put down the working memory load much more precisely.”

Mirjam Moenandar Psychologist
Lisanne van Hagen

”With anxiety complaints, I was stuck in the consulting room. With Exposure, a client can still come to the consulting room and practice live.”

Lisanne van Hagen Psychologist
European and US patent pending

Elevate your EMDR Skills in one session with WeMind

The all-in-one EMDR Platform for Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Dissociative Disorders and more.

1 Optimize results with WeMind's Automated Dual Attention Stimulation (DAS) and Bilateral Stimulation (BLS)
2 WeMind supports dissociative clients
3 WeMind will quickly and effectively Reduce SUD
4 WeMind's Powerful AI Assists Clients with:
5 Make WeMind personal by uploading your own backgrounds and content
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“As I have been learning to implement the new research of EMDR 2.0 into practice, I found myself struggling to find the perfect level of taxation, manually. WeMind was a game changer- the adaptive feature is the most important component for me. I don’t see myself going back to the manual way anytime soon.”

Naomi Johnson

LCSW, Certified EMDR Therapist

Effective for starters in EMDR, experienced clinicians and EMDR consultants

No matter where you are in your journey, WeMind will help with achieving remarkable results. Maximize your potential as a therapist to improve therapy outcomes and positively impact more clients.


Starting your EMDR journey can be overwhelming, we know, but WeMind will support you.

Less doubt and uncertainty

WeMind ensures optimal stimulation levels, allowing you to concentrate on your clients.

AI Assisted DAS

Experience enhanced DAS precision and confidence with AI support.

Personalized for each client

WeMind's algorithms tailor sessions to individual clients, enhancing effectiveness, engagement and more control in EMDR therapy.


Tackling complex clients? WeMind is your ally for specialized client needs.

Dissociative disorder

Improving DAS and reducing Working Memory Taxation helps maintain client stability within the window of tolerance while decreasing dissociation.

Aggression, Addiction and Anxiety

Powerful Desensitization swiftly shifts client states from negative to positive.

EMDR 2.0 compatible

Enhanced Exposure Therapy with Custom Backgrounds, images and video’s for triggering, relaxation and stimulation.

Consultants ps it’s free for you

Are you teaching EMDR? - We'll back you up to enhance your clinician training capabilities.

Group Demonstrations

Showcase WeMind to groups of 5, 10, or 50 in just 10 minutes, using our Group protocol.

Streamlined Consultee Readiness

Provide WeMind to consultees for smooth EMDR adoption and advanced readiness after consultation.

Give away free WeMind months

As a consultant you can give away WeMind with big discounts, so people can start earning free months while using WeMind.

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Starting with WeMind is easy and requires minimal effort. We will help you in every step.

Using Zoom, Doxy or any other telehealth platform already? Implementing WeMind will be as easy as using those platforms. We will guide you in every step of the process.

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Trial & onboarding

After signing up, dive into the WeMind AI Dashboard and explore. Our automated onboarding page offers in-depth tutorials and detailed videos to help you excel.

Free 1-on-1 kick-off

We offer an onboarding call with our team, valued at $100, at no cost and without time restrictions. Schedule your session using the "Plan Onboarding" button, limited time only.

Start first session with client

Challenge yourself to conduct your first client session post-onboarding. Experience the AI DAS benefits firsthand and continuously enhance your sessions.


After your initial sessions, you'll start seeing results and be fully prepared to leverage WeMind for more efficient sessions. Contact us for additional support, discounts, and freebies.