WeMind Exposure

moving therapy forward

Bring all exposure exercises from the outside world into the therapy room, safe and controllable. With WeMind exposure, therapists have a wide range of digital therapies at their fingertips, guaranteeing a life-like experience and maximum confrontation. Research shows that this allows clients to make great strides in their treatment journey in a short period of time.

With the integration of exposure on the platform or through Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET), you can eliminate the need to search for stressful situations and effectively treat clients. Also with clients where imaginary exposure and exposure in vivo do not succeed quickly enough. Indeed, a confrontation through VR glasses is new to avoiders, preventing them from using their normal defenses. The method offers the ability to adjust the level of difficulty. Combined with the guidance you provide as a therapist, this lowers the threshold for many clients to enter into treatment.

The realistic imitations better prepare the client for reality, reducing relapse. Experts confirm that therapists with VRET get to the core of the trauma faster, making therapy more efficient and effective.

Exposure within the WeMind platform ensures that clients cannot avoid their trauma, which improves treatment results with 10-20%!

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