Together with you, Moovd optimizes treatments for future-proof mental health care

moving therapy forward

Moovd is feeling the pressure on (mental) healthcare. Together with you as mental healthcare professionals, we can make healthcare future-proof and workable through digitalization.

Together with more than 9,000 therapists in 18 countries, we help 1000 extra clients off the waiting list each year.

Moovd through the eyes of professionals

“The user-friendly interface and its advanced AI algorithm will significantly enhance treatment sessions of every therapist.”

Roy Kiessling Founder EMDR Consulting

“The platform’s ability to make constant DAS adjustments ensures that clients remain in their optimal processing ‘sweet spot,’ which improves treatment effectiveness and efficiency”

Mark Nickerson Director EMDR Advance Training and Distance Learning
“I couldn’t believe my eyes, within 1 minute 46 my client got rid of her trauma.”
Lucy Wise Clinical Psychologist
“Incredible, a veteran soldier who was not making progress with therapy for 2 years got rid of her symptoms in 1 session with Moovd.”
Tim Wind Psyflix
Together with all healthcare professionals, we achieved the following Sign up for free
More than 9,000 therapists work to future-proof care
More than 3000 additional clients released from waiting list
Therapists have already conducted more than 75,000 sessions
Therapists from 18+ countries work with Moovd
Without Moovd:
  • The workpressure keeps rising
  • Continue to manually perform all working memory tasks yourself
  • You keep searching for the optimal working memory load in every session
  • Children or clients with ADHD remain easily distracted
  • Clients continue to avoid difficult memories
  • Limited hybrid possibilities
  • No energy at the end of the day
  • You keep working with technology that not fully supports you
With Moovd:
  • You release yourself from time pressure
  • You have complete focus for your client
  • The most successful treatment through AI
  • Is your client focused throughout the session - including children and clients with ADHD
  • Dissociation is a thing of the past
  • Easily treat clients online and physically with the same method
  • You have energy left at the end of the day
  • You say goodbye to administration after the session
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