Dental Anxiety

Our VRET application is for dental clinics dealing with clients who are anxious or experiencing tension during a dental visit. The application consists of 2 components: exposure and distraction.

Dental anxiety – also known as odontophobia – is a severe fear of visiting the dentist or having a dental procedure performed. Many people experience some form of negative emotion when visiting the dentist, but people with odontophobia often avoid a dental examination unless there is a serious problem. The VRET application reduces fear of the dentist, so treatments are easier and clients experience more well-being. In addition, people with bad teeth have an increased risk of heart problems and rheumatoid arthritis. And there is a link between dental disease and serious illnesses such as dementia and diabetes. So the successful treatment of odontophobia with VRET also have a positive impact on indirect social costs.


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    Moovd sets standards by being first in the Netherlands to get CE-marking on its digital therapy

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    Moovd lab study (exposure & EMDR)


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Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

With Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, all exposure exercises available in the outside world can be offered in the therapy room. With manageable levels of difficulty, under the guidance of the therapist.

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