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And shorten the treatment process by up to 30%

Shorten the EMDR treatment process? Have all the exposure exercises from the outside world at your fingertips, safe and controllable? Join the movement and integrate digital therapy into your practice. We’d love to help you move forward.

VRET makes searching for stressful situations unnecessary. Through the Moovd platform you have access to a large number of digital therapies, which guarantee a lifelike experience and maximum confrontation. Research shows that this is very effective: clients make great strides forward in their treatment process in a short period of time. 

  • Significant time savings. he treatment is more focused and the client suffers less from dissociation. Moreover, searching for imitations of a stressful situation is no longer necessary.
  • Increasing the possibilities of practice with VRET. Treatments that normally cannot be simulated in the treatment room are now possible.

With digital EMDR you have evidence-based clinical help as a therapist in applying EMDR in your treatment. And you can apply it in the therapy room, but also remotely, for example at the client’s home. Clients achieve the desired result therefor faster, which makes the treatment process shorter.

  • Accessible from home with digital EMDR. Integrated audio-video communication makes online therapy possible.
  • In full control. Watch the client via laptop or tablet and adjust settings live when needed.
  • Threshold lowering. Clients practice stressful situations in a safe environment and with manageable levels of difficulty.

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Experience shows effectiveness of digital therapy

Experience shows effectiveness of digital therapy

  • Up to 30% reduction in the number of treatments per session
  • Up to 10% reduction in time per session
  • 15% more exposure possibilities
  • Better working memory load for tasks

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Virtual Reality
Exposure Therapy

With VRET, all exposure exercises available in the outside world can be offered in the therapy room. The application features a rich content library with manageable levels of difficulty.

  • User training online or on side
  • Access to the Moovd Academy
  • 100 video views
  • Up to 3 accounts included
  • 1 webinar ticket
From €11,90 p/m

Digitale Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (DEMDR)

The digital EMDR platform provides evidence-based clinical assistance in the application of EMDR. In a virtual environment you can stimulate the working memory more effectively and accurately with specific stimulation.

  • Installation on-site
  • Access to the Moovd Academy
  • 5.000 views (obv 5 sessies per maand)
  • Tot 3 accounts inbegrepen
  • 1 webinar ticket
From €15,90 p/m
Together from €25,90 p/m
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Solve and improve

Moovd develops digital therapies in various segments of healthcare, while making it more accessible. We work closely with experts such as Dr. Suzy Matthijssen and Prof. Dr. Ad de Jongh. Through innovative and creative application of technology, we help patients, therapists and health insurers move forward.

case study

Prof. dr. Ad de Jongh (special professor of anxiety and behavioural disorders) works at Psychotrauma Expertise Centre PSYTREC and is a strong supporter of digital applications in the therapy room. He shares his experiences in a case study that you can download.

Download case study