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Virtual exposure effective for fear of the dentist


Increase impact of therapy

  • Significant time savings. The treatment is more focused and the client suffers less from dissociation. Moreover, searching for imitations of a stressful situation is no longer necessary.

  • Increasing the possibilities of practice with VRET. Treatments that normally cannot be simulated in the treatment room are now possible.

  • Accessible from home with digital EMDR. Integrated audio-video communication makes online therapy possible.

  • In full control. Watch the client via laptop or tablet and adjust settings live when needed.

  • Threshold lowering. Clients practice stressful situations in a safe environment and with manageable levels of difficulty.

Clients are helped better and faster

Methods such as VRET (Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy) and Digital EMDR explicitly contribute to solving the capacity problem in mental healthcare and enable therapists to help a larger group of clients better and faster.


  • Therapy

    Fear and phobia

    Realistic imitations of situations with which one learns step by step to let go of beliefs and behavior. Such as claustrophobia, fear of heights or large crowds.

  • Therapy

    Dental Anxiety

    The VRET application for dental practices dealing with clients who are anxious or experiencing tension during a dental visit.

    The VRET application consists of 2 components: exposure and distraction.

  • Therapy

    Trauma and PTSD

    A lot of patients do not get the right help, or the help is just not there in time, due to the increasing demand for professional care.


  • Training


    Training that matches the learning level of people with a (mild) mental disability, such as interviewing skills with an employer and travelling by public transport. This way they experience less stress, have more grip on their daily lives and become more self-reliant.

  • Training


    Besides curing diseases, Moovd also focuses on the prevention of such diseases. Emergency workers are frequently confronted with serious incidents, violence and aggression during their work.

Directly applicable in your practice

With innovative solutions we enable you as a therapist to help a larger group of clients better and faster. Thanks to the intuitive operation, the VRET and Digital EMDR applications are easy and immediately deployable in your practice.


treatment methods

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET)

With Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, all exposure exercises available in the outside world can be offered in the therapy room. With manageable levels of difficulty, under the guidance of the therapist.

Digital EMDR (DEMDR)

The Digital EMDR platform provides evidence-based clinical assistance in applying EMDR. With digital support, working memory is loaded with specific stimulation more effectively and accurately.