Scientifically proven: VRET has a positive effect in treating PTSD

In 2019, Moovd, together with trauma center PSYTREC and Prof. dr. Ad de Jongh (UvA) set up a validation study to demonstrate that the Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) application of Moovd has a positive effect in the treatment of PTSD.

Moovd has shown that the unique, self-developed VR content has a positive effect in the existing traditional treatment. The starting point was that this technology ensures that practitioners can treat faster and more effectively.

Conclusions from research:

  1. “VRET is easier to tolerate. Less powerless and less dissociation”
  2. ”VRET seems to lead to more ‘within-session’ effects (processing)”
  3. ”VRET seems more user-friendly, but also better effects”

Important benefits for PSYTREC

  1. More treatable clients
  2. Therapy is faster
  3. Much faster at the source of the trauma, allowing for more efficient treatment
  4. Shorten waiting lists through faster treatment
  5. Being able to treat more people at once in groups

Door Rutger van Zuidam