Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

Bring all exposure exercises from the outside world into the therapy room, safely and in control. With Moovd’s VRET platform, therapists have access to a wide range of digital therapies, which guarantee a lifelike experience and maximum confrontation. Research shows that clients can make great strides forward in their treatment process in a short period of time.

VRET makes searching for stressful situations unnecessary and is highly effective. Even with clients for whom imaginary exposure and exposure in vivo are not easy to achieve. A confrontation through the VR glasses is new for avoiders, which means they cannot use their normal defence responses. The method offers the possibility of adjusting the degree of difficulty. In combination with the guidance you offer as a therapist, this lowers the threshold for many clients to start the treatment.

The realistic simulations prepare the client better for the real world, resulting in fewer relapses. Experts confirm that VRET allows therapists to get to the core of the trauma sooner, making the therapy more efficient and effective.   


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    Michelle confronted her driving anxiety with Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

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