Digital EMDR

Shorten the EMDR treatment process considerably with digital EMDR, which can be used both in the therapy room and remotely at the client’s home. With DEMDR you as a therapist have evidence-based clinical help in applying EMDR. In this way clients achieve the desired result faster and the treatment process is shorter.

Where the therapist would normally move the fingers in front of the eyes, the client now enters a virtual world through a web page or cell phone. This stimulates the senses better and more accurately, resulting in a better working memory load and more effective reduction of the ‘Subjective Unit of Distress’.

The method is longer lasting for therapists and allows for close observation of the client during the process. Experts confirm that therapists with digital EMDR increase the effectiveness of the therapy, allowing them to better help more clients.


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    Michelle confronted her driving anxiety with Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

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