WeMind Exposure brings you any specific situation easily to the treatment room

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WeMind Exposure through the eyes of therapists:

“My client could no longer sleep well due to her traumas. Because I used WeMind, this woman got her life back.”

Kinga de Wit Psychologist

”With WeMind you can make very big steps in confronting anxiety in a short time.”

Koen Harings Pyschologist

”Clients can take steps in treatment that we think would not have succeeded without WeMind Exposure.”

Yonda Poslavsky Psychologist

“With WeMind, we can go a step further in our treatments because you can practice ‘live’ situations.”

Irma Uijterlinde Stutter therapist Stottercentrum Utrecht

“With anxiety complaints, I was stuck in the consulting room. With Exposure, a client can still come to the consulting room and practice live.”

Bernadette van Rossum GZ-psychologist Optiment

“With WeMind, you can practice even more accessible, easier and in smaller steps because it’s virtual.”

Chantal Borsjé Dental anxiety counseling SBT
WeMind exposure
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Benefits of WeMind Exposure
  • Get to the root of the problem 50% faster
  • Realistic imitations of real-life situations
  • Flexible difficulty level
  • Lowers the threshold for treatment
  • Manageable and safe situations
  • Realistic scenario’s for Child and Youth
  • Your clients will be better prepared for real-life situations
  • Easy to use own content for specific situations
  • 1000+ pictures
  • 500+ videos
  • Combination of image and sound
  • Less relapse
  • Also with clients where imaginary exposure and exposure in vivo do not succeed quickly enough.
  • Maximum confrontation
  • Prevents dissociation
  • Customized therapy
  • 1000+ pictures
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