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Moovd provides digital psychological aid to earthquake victims

There is a tremendous need for psychological support among the victims of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Many people are experiencing stress or trauma. During the second earthquake, individuals had flashbacks or even panicked and jumped from balconies and windows.

In response to the need for psychological assistance, Turkish psychologists, with international and Dutch support, reached out to the Dutch startup Moovd. Over the past few years, the Dutch company has developed a method in collaboration with the Dutch Mental Healthcare Institute (GGZ) to digitally help clients with stress-related symptoms such as trauma, anxiety, and other stress-related issues. This is accomplished through an app/software tool with little to no involvement from a psychologist.

The scientifically proven results have been so successful that Turkish psychologists affiliated with EMDRIA and the American EMDR consulting have contacted the Dutch party to make the software available to Turkish victims.

In the coming months, Moovd will provide its digital stress application, Moovement, to all healthcare providers who are providing support and assistance to victims in the disaster area in terms of mental well-being and trauma processing. Moovement is regarded within the field of psychology as the “Heimlich maneuver for emotional suffocation.”

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