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Up to 30% faster results with digital EMDR

Digital therapies that contribute to the evolution of mental health care


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Implement digital therapies to help a larger group of clients better and faster. Moovd offers therapists evidence-based treatments developed in collaboration with experts. Such as:

  • Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy
  • Digital EMDR
  • VR training programmes
  • Prevention methods for emergency services

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Overcome trauma or fear in a faster way with digital techniques, such as virtual reality. Virtual reality is experienced as less stressful and helps you to get to the crux of the situation, together with your therapist. This allows you to rebuild your life again. For example: 

  • Trauma
  • Fears
  • Phobias
  • Increasing of self-reliance


"Altrecht can treat more clients in less time with Digital EMDR of Moovd"Altrecht Mental Health Care
"Difficult situations, such as someone addressing you in the pub, are difficult to recreate in reality. Moovd's VR application brings them into the therapy room."PSYTREC
"Slightly mentally disabled clients experience more independence, less stress and more grip in daily life with VR training by Moovd"Foundation Philadelphia Zorg
"Clients really move forward, they are convinced of the benefits of virtual exposure" Trauma Centre Netherlands

Experience shows that digital therapy is effective

Experience shows that digital therapy is effective

  • Up to 30% reduction in number of treatments per programme 
  • Up to 10% time reduction per session
  • 15% more exposure opportunities
  • Better working memory load on tasks

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Solutions that move
and trainings

  • Therapy

    Trauma and PTSD

    A lot of patients do not get the right help, or the help is just not there in time, due to the increasing demand for professional care.

  • Therapy

    Fear and phobia

    Realistic imitations of situations with which one learns step by step to let go of beliefs and behavior. Such as claustrophobia, fear of heights or large crowds.

  • Therapy

    Dental Anxiety

    The VRET application for dental practices dealing with clients who are anxious or experiencing tension during a dental visit.

    The VRET application consists of 2 components: exposure and distraction.

  • Training


    Besides curing diseases, Moovd also focuses on the prevention of such diseases. Emergency workers are frequently confronted with serious incidents, violence and aggression during their work.

  • Training


    Training that matches the learning level of people with a (mild) mental disability, such as interviewing skills with an employer and travelling by public transport. This way they experience less stress, have more grip on their daily lives and become more self-reliant.


Lopend onderzoek


ONGOING | This study investigates whether the effects of exposure cues and the working memory load influence the reduction of SUD after watching a traumatic film.

ONGOING | In this pilot study, therapists and 150 patients of Mondriaan participate in a study into online EMDR

This study investigated whether increasing the complexity of tasks performed in a VR environment leads to a higher work memory load

This feasibility study investigated whether VR EMDR implementation leads to greater reduction of subjective distress to trauma compared to other traditional (non-VR) interventions in a clinical patient population.

Collaboration with experts

Moovd works closely with experts in the development of innovative solutions, such as clinical psychologist and special professor of anxiety and behavioural disorders: Prof. Dr. Ad de Jongh, and clinical psychologist and board member of the Dutch EMDR Association: Dr. Suzy Matthijssen.