Getting to the root of the problem up to 50% faster with VRET

Fear maximally activated

Healthcare specialists
moving therapy forward

Digital therapy offers you an opportunity to take some distance from the action so that you can focus more on the client. Observe your client as he or she responds to the situation so you reach the core of the problem quicker.

VRET eliminates the search for stressful situations. Through Moovd’s platform, you have a wide range of digital therapies at your disposal, guaranteeing a life-like experience and maximum confrontation. Research shows that this allows clients to make great strides in their treatment process in a short period of time.

With digital EMDR, therapists have evidence-based clinical help in applying EMDR. For therapists, the method can be physically sustained for longer and allows for close observation of the client during the process. In addition, the method can also be used remotely, such as at the client’s home.

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