drs. Koen Harings talks about trauma treatment through Virtual Reality

As of 2019 PSYTREC offers the evidence based treatment program VRET by Moovd. Virtual exposure is used for the treatment of PTSD, fears and phobias. With VR glasses, those situations that are traumatic or fearful for the client are realistically presented. The anxiety network of the patient is activated to the maximum extent as a result. Something that is normally not possible without leaving the therapy room. Koen Harings, psychologist at PSYTREC, explains the digital application of Moovd.

Prof. Drs. Ad de Jongh (founder of the trauma clinic) was first introduced to VR simulation, he immediately saw huge opportunities in exposure and EDMR treatments: “We notice that the VR glasses really add value to treatments, because the patient becomes more treatable.”

Harings adds: “During treatments we noticed that reconstructing those memories is sometimes difficult or even impossible. For the processing of a trauma it can be essential to include those triggers in your treatment. When we came into contact with Moovd, a new world opened up for us, because it turned out that a lot of things were possible in the field of VR. Including reconstructing such a festival site, for example.”

“You can’t reconstruct a festival site in your treatment room.”

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Years of trauma solved in one session
Harings: “The best result I achieved with the VR glasses was during a session with a patient who had been in a severe car accident. Her fear expectation was that she would suffocate while driving. We played a video on the VR goggles during a session that allowed her to virtually drive a car. Because of the real-life situation, we were able to end the session early after only 10 minutes.”

Download the case study about VRET at PSYTREC

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