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Digital therapy helps you move forward

Digital therapy offers the possibility to get to the heart of your problem quicker, together with your therapist. This way you can get rid of your symptoms sooner and pick up your life again.

With Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy you can realistically relive every situation imaginable. In safe steps under the guidance of your therapist in a familiar setting. Your therapist can also use digital EMDR. This works according to the well-known EMDR principle. But in a digital environment, so your senses are better and more accurately stimulated. 

Experts confirm that our methods cause less stress and have a faster effect. Because the re-experience is so lifelike, you are better prepared for the real situation and you have more certainty that the symptoms will not return.


Frequently asked questions by clients

Exposure Therapy is used to treat anxiety, trauma and stress related symptoms. In this therapy, the client is exposed to existing fear(s) and/or traumatic experience(s) without causing any real danger. By breaking through this fear expectation, the fear decreases. This is done by repeating and offering emotional exposure in different intensity and variety. We add Virtual Reality (VR) to that exposure therapy. With VR, a person experiences a completely different reality. The client is exposed to frightening and emotional situations through the use of Virtual Reality. Because of the different applications, there is a suitable treatment for every client. With the VRET treatment, the practitioner is able to have exposure exercises take place virtually in the treatment room.

The Moovd Academy training program teaches users how to use our applications within 1.5 hours. We have built our products in an easy way so that everyone can work with them. it is also possible to take user training courses on-side.

VR allows exposure treatments to be brought into the therapy room and allows the practitioner to get to the heart of the problem more quickly. Also, VRET solves the problem that some exposure situations are not easily replicated in reality. Also, VR makes the exposure experience more immersive and intense. We can also co-create exposure situations on request. In the treatment, the practitioner has complete control over what is exposed to the client. This makes exposure treatments more effective and efficient with VR.

Co-creation is key at Moovd. Through low-threshold, close collaborations with institutions, new content is continuously developed. In brainstorming sessions with experts and practitioners, we come up with new topics and ideas. Together with our partners, we can transform these ideas into new content that will be made available to every practitioner in a short period of time.

● Treat the client in a more targeted way and save time and costs; ● Get access to desired VRET therapy situations in the therapy room; ● Enlarge different therapy possibilities in the therapy room; ● Experience full control over the treatment and pause where necessary; ● The VRET Moovd app is easy to use, watch all VR videos are upfront in the app. Ultimate goal: improve quality of life for clients, promote self-reliance and save direct/indirect social costs.

Online EMDR is an application that supports therapists in administering EMDR. The therapist can live-control the app via computer, tablet, or smartphone - interface over the Internet. The client enters a digital treatment environment via PC, Tablet, Smartphone or Virtual Reality (VR). Online EMDR can be used to treat patients remotely, or to increase treatment effectiveness during face-to-face contacts.

● Accessibility - the therapist can control the app live via computer, tablet or smartphone interface over the internet. Audio and Video calling is integrated into the system. ● Effectiveness - Multiple modality specific stimulation provides better working memory load and more effective decrease in Subjective Unit of Distress (SUD). ● Therapist in control - Visual and auditory stimuli options are controlled and operated by the therapist ensuring safety and flexibility. ● Patient performance is live-analyzed for optimization of working memory load. Functionalities allow graduated exposure therapy in (360°) virtual vivo.

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