ARQ Centrum ’45: “this digital transition will be permanent”

ARQ Centrum’45 claims an important proposition in the digital transformation within mental health care. Program manager e-health Tim Wind takes a firm position: “I think it is time for therapists to move towards the digital transition in mental health care, because this will be permanent.” In September 2021, 100 therapists from ARQ Centrum’45 will start working with the VR application of Moovd.

ARQ Centrum’45, the national treatment and expertise center for psycho trauma, is big in e-health. According to Program Manager e-health Tim Wind, they already work a lot with online modules and apps, but also with peer feedback. After a pilot in which a small group of therapists worked with Moovd’s VR exposure, more than 100 therapists will start using the virtual treatment method in September 2021. Wind: “In practice, we noticed that virtual reality is ideal in exposure treatments because it is so accessible. The e-health component combines Moovd with exposure in vivo. They do that very well at Moovd, and because we get good results with it, we want to put that even more in the foreground in treatments.”

Tim Wind, Program Manager e-health at ARQ Centrum’45

Wind was one of the therapists who already worked with Moovd’s VR application in the pilot phase: “What I personally remember most is that people have sweat on their foreheads when they undergo that VR exposure. Some clients want to take off those VR headset right away. As a therapist you know that you are in the right place, because then you hit the pain that you have to hit to get rid of the trauma.” The TopGGZ institution considers it important that treatment of complex traumas continues, not only during the COVID crisis last year, but also after treatment: “It is easy to give the VR headset home, so that patients can use them at home every day to practice.”

“With this VR application you’re gonna hit the right pain with the client”

Wind: “With COVID, everyone had to continue their treatment via video sessions. That can work well, but the risk is that e-health is scaled equally with video calling. While e-health is much more than video calling. I therefore think it is time for practitioners to move much more towards that digital transition in mental health care. Not only video calling, but other digital applications and virtual reality will be permanent”.

On behalf of team Moovd, we welcome ARQ Centrum’45 to the Movement!

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The national treatment and expertise center for psycho trauma

ARQ Centrum’45 is part of ARQ National Psychotrauma Center and has been the national treatment and expertise center for psychotrauma since 1973. At ARQ Centrum’45 we diagnose and treat people with complex psychotrauma complaints. This is understood to mean a combination of several psychological problems and disorders. They developed these complaints after one or more shocking events in the context of war, violence or because of their profession. ARQ Centrum’45 develops knowledge and expertise in the field of psychotraumatology and does this together with other ARQ partners, in particular in the field of research, knowledge transfer and innovation. ARQ Centrum’45 is a highly qualified institution, certified as a TOPGGz institution, with the status of national and international expert.