"We can treat more clients in less time"

Altrecht commits to digital opportunities with Moovd

“With the continued development of Moovd’s digital EMDR applications, we will be able to treat more different types of disorders in the future.” Altrecht wants to lead the way and started the Digital Clinic at the beginning of this year. They use digital EMDR from Moovd. Mirjam Moenandar, GZ psychologist i.o. to Specialist GIOS and Mandy de Goederen, psychologist at the Digital Clinic of Altrecht, share their experiences.

“Even before COVID, I was asked to set up the Digital Clinic. I heard from Tjeu Theunissen, the founder of Moovd’s digital EMDR program, about developments there were and which developments we can expect in the future. It is precisely because of this vision and further development that we entered into a partnership”, says Mirjam Moenandar. As project leader of the Digital Clinic, she immersed herself in the program and what it Altrecht and its clients can deliver: “What appealed to me most is the combination between digital EMDR and Virtual Reality Exposure that they are investigating, there is a lot to be gained there.”

“Because of the vision of Moovd we started working together”

Mirjam Moenandar and Mandy de Goederen about digital EMDR from Moovd. Click on the icon in YouTube for English subtitles.

‘Faster and less physically demanding’
Mandy de Goederen works as one of the digital psychologists at Altrecht with the digital EMDR program: “Compared to the traditional treatment, I can actually start treatment earlier. For example; with the EMDR kit we are at least fifteen minutes busy preparing for an EMDR treatment and tailoring it to the patient. With Moovd’s online program I can start much faster: within two minutes! And another big advantage for us as therapists; you don’t get tired arms anymore because you don’t have to move your fingers in front of the client!”

Due to the low threshold of the program, there is more continuity in the treatment process, says De Goederen. “Clients go through a treatment process more smoothly, because the sessions can take place under any circumstance, but also because they are less distracted during a session by other external factors. I think it’s great to see that we can offer trauma treatment in this way.”

Higher level in trauma treatment through accurate working memory load
The online EMDR sessions itself are also lifted to a higher level, De Goederen notes: “It is easier to see whether clients are actually performing the tasks properly. You see if they click and see how fast they click.” Because the client performs visual and auditory tasks in the treatment, the working memory is loaded better and more accurately. “Beforehand, there was a prejudice about online EMDR, that it could not be that effective or that you would miss a lot of information. That is absolutely not my experience, you have a better insight in the tasks the clients preform.”

“Altrecht can treat more patients in less time with digital EMDR from Moovd”

Moenandar also underlines this: “I already have heard many positive experiences as a project leader. Psychologist can do better EMDR sessions because the working memory can be loaded much more precisely.” Increasing task complexity leads to a higher working memory load. With a higher and more precise working memory load, the client can get to the core of his or her trauma sooner. “As a result, a session is also completed faster. Altrecht-wide can then treat more patients in less time.”

“I can imagine that with the continued development of the program, more different disorders can be treated with this program,” says Moenandar. “And that treatments and patients from all over the world can quickly benefit from this as well.”

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